Did you know that Employers are now checking your Credit Reports!

Many Americans these days are discovering the Catch-22 of unemployment: you might fall behind on your bills because you’ve lost your job and you might not be able to land a new job because you’ve fallen behind on your bills. Most employers today want to examine your credit history before offering you a position or a promotion.

Derogatory items such as: repossessions, collections, high credit card balances – could cost you the job you want. For example, Transportation Security Administration Airport Screening job applicants are rejected if they have more than $5,000 in overdue debt.

Recent statistics are scarce, but when the Society for Human Resource Management polled its members in 2006, 43% of their companies ran credit checks on some or all potential hires. That was up from 25% in 1998.

Why jeopardize your chances of getting a great paying job or promotion when we can help prevent that from ever happening?!?

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