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Don’t Take Our Word For It! Hear From Our Clients about our credit repair reviews.

Over the years we have helped hundreds of people get their credit back on track. Here are just a few credit repair reviews from real clients.

Disclaimer: Improvement of your credit score and/or particular results vary per client. We cannot guarantee any results or improvement as stated in our Guarantee Disclaimer. Following our best results practices and educational consulting, we do typically see improvement in credit scores and our customers give us great credit repair reviews

I had a 480 credit score 6 months ago. I bought a house last month and my score has been as high as 720 in the last few weeks. You guys really came through for me and I appreciate it!

Alex G



I got my transunion results in the mail today and my mind is blown. Rising Point Solutions got 17 items deleted and only 17 items are left. That’s 50% gone, in one round! Tweleve of those that remain are student loans, so I expected them to be there till the consolidation is complete. The “civil matter” eviction from years ago is gone. I am beyond floored! Thank you!





I am writing to thank you for an incredible job your company has done in working on my credit report.  I have been in the credit business for over 25 years and have NEVER seen such professionalism and results from a credit repair company.  I assure you that we will continue to send all of our clients to you, because your credit repair reviews were the best.

Please let you staff know that the results of their hard work is greatly appreciated!

Bubba Bashaw

Austin, Texas

Thank you for everything!  You guys have been fantastic and delightful. An answer to prayers! [credit repair reviews]

I will certainly recommend.

Best wishes!

Cindy B


Oh that is so awesome! I’m very pleased with you guys and really appreciate ya more than you know!!! I’m so excited. I read man credit repair reviews before making my decision.

Courtney C


I was really glad find out that leaving that having an existing business that is generating money and good personal credit can achieve the best results. I signed up right away and I’m very happy with the help and results. I was able to buy a second location. This going to be a good year for us! So many credit repair reviews showed you to be the best. 

Debra C.

Bixby, OK

One year ago my husband and I decided we needed to do something about our credit in order to reach our goal of homeownership and credit worthiness.

We both clinched every time we went to a car dealership because we knew
one look at our credit and we would have to explain our issues to a complete stranger with the possibility of walking away with no car. We heard about Rising Point Solutions from a local homebuilder. We had previously worked with a local credit building company and saw no improvement in our scores so we were
very hesitant. We spoke with Mr. Stanley and he seemed very optimistic about improving both our scores. He asked our goals and felt he could meet them within six months. We decided that we wanted a long term solution so we decided to let
them work on our credit in their one year program.
This is truly the BEST decision Don and I have made. Over the year, we had access to view our progress online, received email updates every 45 days and had access to customer services via telephone and online. Communication was great and they
offered recommendations that were right on. Within the year our scores jumped almost two hundred points! We were able to purchase our first house and we closed in July.

What an amazing feeling to accomplish something that you have wanted for over ten years. Since finishing with Rising Point, we have also purchased a new vehicle. It was probably the easiest vehicle purchase I have ever had, because we did not have to explain our credit report to the seller, and we did not have to show proof of income or provide ten references or contacts. I have also applied for credit with department stores and furniture stores and I was approved immediately. I cannot explain to you the feeling when they say “You are approved,” versus “I’m sorry you were not approved”. Without the impeccable service from Rising Point Solutions and Mr. Stanley, our reality would still be a dream. RPS has put us on the right track with our credit and I have recommended several of my friends to this company to put them on the path of achieving their goals and dreams. 

Thanks to you RPS! This is one debt, I can’t repay.

-Don and Cindy

Don and Cindy


I’m a very satisfied customer of Rising Point Solutions. They helped me fix my credit sooner than what they had expected. To think all the lenders I met with told me not to use a credit repair company. I stuck with Rising Point Solutions and found the right lender to help me purchase my first home due to my new outstanding credit score.

I signed up in July and by November 3 I was closing  on my new house. Brandi Clingerman was such a help when I would feel overwhelmed with the process, she assured me it would be okay. I also loved how I did indeed have an end of contract review by email. 

Thank you Rising Point Solutions!



I had a great experiecne with Rising Point Solutions, both Amanda Prouty and Brandi Clingerman were very helpful as well as kept me up to date every month on my credit repair process. They helped removed some older items off my credit that were showing up as negative and helped me raise up my credit score high enough to be able to qualify for a home loan within 6 months. If it were not for their help, I would still be struggling to buy my own home. I closed on my house in late August and it feels great not to have to waste money on rent payments anymore! [credit repair reviews]

Angie Lopez

Fort Worth, Texas

After my credit score got hit hard in 2012 I have spent a lot of time and money trying unsuccessfully to improve my score on my own. In the 3 years since, I had seen little improvement. In April of 2015 I learned of Rising Point Solutions and the credit repair program. After careful consideration I enrolled and have not regretted that decision for a minute!!! In just 4 months my score has gone up over 40 points and still rising! Already I am seeing the benefits of an improved score. I have received increases in existing credit lines and approvals on new credit lines as well as a substantial interest rate drop through refinancing my car loan.

I especially want to thank Brandi Clingerman for always answering any questions and keeping me informed on the process.

Thank you Rising Point Solutions!


Austin, Texas

I just received a call from Ty that the underwriters had given me final approval for my loan and closing is on Friday as planned!  I wanted to thank this entire team who helped me in this process.  Each of you were so gracious and professional.  Given my credit background from the divorce, my file was not an easy one, but you guys all went above and beyond to help me achieve my new home and I am so appreciative.  The process was as seamless as possibly could be and everyone communicated so effectively with me along the way.  Each of you have been a pleasure to work with.  I could not recommend you highly enough to others and to each other!  Such a good group and gives me faith in the power of doing what is right!  I hope each of you have a blessed holiday season.  Thanks again so much!  Your hard work is much appreciated!


Austin, Texas

Just thought you’d like to know my credit score has rose +98 points !!!!!! George you’re awesome!!! Many thanks and I cant wait to see the end results. I looked at many credit repair reviews before i found you.

Courtney J

Hobbs, NM

Kelly Stone and everyone at Rising Point Solutions,

Thank you for all of your hard work! Because of you all I am on my way to being a home owner all due to my credit! I had a 580 average score and it jumped up to 646!! My wife, Crystal, and myself have been waiting to get this score up for some time and since its gotten here we’ve gotten approved to purchase a home! I cannot thank each of you enough for your work! From answering my phone call, to keeping my profile up to date so I can see progress, to working with me on my payment schedule, all the way to sending those letters and getting my score up! Thank you thank you thank you thank you!! I highly recommend Kelly Stone and everyone at Rising Point Solutions!!!!!


Gabriel R


Great job on the credit! WOW! You both saw a HUGE increase in credit.

Just wanted to brag on you and the work you did with Rising Point.

We are ready to get you in the house now.



Grant Griggs


Hi Amy,

I just checked my credit score and it is 702!!!!!!!! I can’t believe it. Words cannot express how thankful I am to you and your company. It has been a life changer.

I am officially low risk and I can now start thinking about a new car and a new home. Thank you so much and let me know if there is anything I can do to promote your company.



Dallas, Texas

Thank you for the guidance, I really appreciate that you recognized that our situation wasn’t a good fit for your services and yet you were still willing to offer direction. I have your information and will send any referrals your way. Much appreciated! Many credit repair reviews went into my decision. 



Hi Amy & Brandi,

Everything with my credit is coming along nicely at this point. I really appreciate the bang up job that RPS has been able to provide and so quickly compared to how many months I paid the other company. In the first 30 days, Rising Point Solutions was able to remove more negative items than all the months/years as a client of the other place. Your staff truly is a testament to the difference between volume and actually doing the work that is entailed to get credit repaired. We believe in Rising Point Solutions and the value you bring.

Praying you have a blessed day.

Barbara C.


Thank you and your team for helping me accomplish my credit repairs.
It took a while, but due to y’all spending the time to get it right, I was
able to refinance my home and save a lot of money in the long run.

I will definitely refer your service when the time comes where I find
someone who has credit issues.



I truly appreciate all of the efforts that Rising Point Solutions put forth in order to repair my credit. They have exceptional customer service for their clients especially Brandi Clingerman. She went above and beyond her duties to answer any of my questions, explain any concerns and also offered knowledge on how to handle any future endeavors I have with credit cards or any other type of revolving credit that can improve my score. I highly recommend Rising Point Solutions to anyone seeking credit repair.

Cassie G

Lewisville, texas

Thank you Brandi. I am grateful for all the hard wok y’all have beend doing for us. At this point I don’t have any questions. You have been exteremly helpful in making sure we understand this process. Again, thank you and everyone putting in the work. We will definetely let everyone know about y’all.

Chris C


Hello Team!

Thank you so much for all your assistance with helping me resolve my credit matters. I am so happy and grateful for all your help especailly with letters! I appreaciate your patience and edurance as this has been a long journey. Take care! 🙂 [credit repair reviews]

Davina H.

Taylor, Texa

I want to share my experience with Rising Point Solutions and thank the staff for helping me. Has been a great experience working with this business. A special thanks to Brandi Clingerman who has been in contact with me and answering all my questions within an extraordinary response time and being patient with me. Gracias Brandi! 🙂

Diego P

Pflugerville, Texas

This has been money well spent. I had 10 things on my credit that where bad and in four months in I am down to four items on my credit that they are still working on. My scores have gone up over 50 point with all the credit bureaus. All I did was upload the letters I received from the credit bureaus, they did everything else!

Heather Gaddy

Roanoke, Texas


Just wanna say, thank you to the Rising Point Family for such great results. If I have any questions like you stated I will call you, but right now I am just pleased with what I see!!!!

Hortencia L

Dallas, Texas

The process was extremely easy with them. My credit score went up about 76 points within 2 months of their service. I am extremely happy with the results and it was well worth the small amount of money that I paid for their service – James G

James G

Dallas, Texas

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